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It is full of surprises, excitement and fun. An innovative TouchCon platform is emerging.
Smart QR Code Ad Scan Platform for Random mining and Airdrop

The world's first cryptocurrency and O2O ad marketing,

An exciting Random Mining & Airdrop Platform born

TouchCon Platform Introducing

“Smart QR Code Ad Scan Platform for Random mining and Airdrop”

Random Mining and Airdrop System combining the O2O Advertising with SQC

What is TouchCon Platform?

TouchCon Platform can support mining and Airdrop of all cryptocurrencies by integrating Smart QR Code(SQC) and O2O market advertisement.
It is a system that builds a database by matching user data and transaction data of Ad Scan and stores it in the Blockchain.

By storing the value of the cryptocurrency in the Smart QR code at random, unspecified users can participate in the mining and Airdrop through the scan. At this time, the transaction information extracted by the scan proof is stored in the Blockchain with the user information, and is analyzed as big data and utilized in various advertisement marketing.

To accomplish this, we will go through three stages of development as follows.
①TOC Ad Scan App: Re-mining of TouchCon through SQC scan.
②TOC Platform: Establish TOC platform for mining all cryptocurrencies.
③TOC Big Data System: Building Big Data Platform of TouchCon.

TouchCon Platform 3 Stage Technology Development Process

Smart QR Code Technology

Smart QR Code Ad Scan Platform

New Innovation “TouchCon Platform”

Development Teams

Based on the blockchain technology, the TOC Platform can solve various problems of traditional computer mining and airdrop by mining various cryptocurrencies easily and quickly by scanning QR codes anytime and anywhere, and this project has been started to build advertising Big Data based on the consumption information accumulated through QR code scan. Scanning of SQC (Smart QR Code) storing random value of cryptocurrency enables various kinds of cryptocurrency mining and airdrop, and as the number of users participating in TOC Platform increases, more sophisticated and systematic Big Data is formed. Therefore, the connection between the real world and the cryptocurrency platform is strengthened. This will ultimately further activate the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Advisors Teams

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