What is Cash Boom?

Cash Boom is a web 3.0 lifestyle reward app that links users' consumption lives with corporate reward services.

When users install the Cash Boom App and participate in company promotional and advertising activities, they can receive various random rewards with
‘RewardCon’ content encoded with digital assets.

Cash Boom will integrate fragmented rewards for each company based on blockchain and serve as a bridge for companies and consumers to easily access the digital asset ecosystem.

Cash App

Cash Boom C2E Rewards Platform

Global's first C2E reward project
that combines consumption and reward

Cash Boom is a reward project that allows consumers to easily and quickly access the digital asset ecosystem.
You can easily earn and use various rewards anytime, anywhere.

Reward Web 3.0 & Cash Boom App

Reward Web 3.0 Solution

C2E intergrated solution that supoorts corporate compensation services

Cash Boom App Platform

User-centered, randomly rewarded digital assets app platform

Cash Boom C2E Various ways to use "Rewardcon"

Cash Boom Business Model


TOC token 
sales proceeds

60,000,000 TOC per year (5,000,000 TOC per month) will be distributed as “Rewardcon” to the global rewards marketplace. Discounted sales to RAP partners.


ERC-20 token 
airdrop fee

The airdrop consignment fee for the new ERC-20 based on Ethereum is set at 3-5%.


Web and App Banner Advertising Revenue

Reward Web 3.0 solution and Cash Boom App banner ad revenue.


Cash Boom 
C2E agency fee

We act as a cash boom service for small and medium-sized businesses and receive 3-5% of the commissioned amount as a commission.

Ruko Topaz Commercial TCA, Kelurahan Harapan Mulya, Kecamatan Medan Satria, Summarecon Bekasi 17143
E-mail: info@touchcon.org
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