The TouchCon is an advertising reward platform that scans the Smart QR Code (SQC) to be used for advertisement of goods and services, and connects the user who wants to receive the cryptocurrency and the advertiser who needs the information data of such users (customers).  

The TouchCon is a platform that creates mutual benefits between advertisers and consumers by generating Smart QR Code Ad contents 

1. Linking O2O Ads with SQC Random Rewards

Ad reward platform that shares profits by linking advertisers and consumers to SQC. It activates cryptocurrency ecosystem through random reward based on blockchain.

2. Supporting transparent and fair Airdrop service

The TouchCon platform contributes to stabilizing the cryptocurrency ecosystem by transparently and fairly supporting the Airdrops of all altcoins.

3. Operating database matching consumer information and scan information

With the operation of a database that matches consumer information with scan information, advertisers can participate in more efficient rewards system. 

TouchCon Ad Scan Random Reward creates and distributes Smart QR Code (SQC), which overcomes the disadvantages of the mileage (point) reward system by sharing the mutual benefit between advertisers and consumers. SQC Random Reward is a platform that helps the consumers using products and services to have a interesting experience and actively participate in the TouchCon ecosystem.

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