The TouchCon is an advertising reward platform that scans the Smart QR Code (SQC) to be used for advertisement of goods and services, and connects the user who wants to receive the cryptocurrency and the advertiser who needs the information data of such users (customers).  

The TouchCon is an advertising reward platform that scans the Smart QR Code (SQC) to be used for advertisement of goods and services, and connects the user who wants to receive the cryptocurrency and the advertiser who needs the information data of such users (customers). The platform called TouchCon App launched by TouchCon will reward the TouchCon randomly by scanning the SQC used in the advertisement. A variety of online and offline stores will utilize SQC to gain strong sales and brand promotions.

SQC is a QR code that is randomly encoded with the value of the TouchCon and is designed to be rewarded at random through QR Code scanning. Once it is scanned, the QR code cannot be reused. Advertisers subscribed to the TAA can purchase and use SQCs annually. TouchCon will provide all services such as creation, payment, remittance and selling of TouchCon as a one-stop service through TouchCon application to be launched in second quarter, 2019.

There are two types of mining on TouchCon platform 1.0 ver. As the most basic step to perform the TouchCon platform 3.0 ver, the initial ecosystem is being constructed as the TouchCon cryptocurrency is generated.

1) Smart QR Code

The Smart QR Code that randomly stores the value of the cryptocurrency is acquired and purchased by the node, and then it is stored in the blockchain and mined. Big Data that can analyze purchasing and consumption trend of nodes (miners and consumers) using O2O goods and services with Smart QR Code can be collected and used for future advertisement marketing strategy. The first phase of the TouchCon platform is to annually consume 60 million TouchCon worldwide every 10 years.

Ex) It is very difficult to know who, when, where and how to use products and services that are sold on the market. However, the advertisement through the QR Code scan can store and utilize more reliable purchasing propensity and pattern in the TouchCon blockchain through the information of the node already inputted by the smart contract technique.

2) PoW consensus algorithm

Every year, 2.8 million TOC will be mined with regular CPU computers. ASICs or GPUs can not be mined, which is an effort to give miners the transparency and liberalism of mining and decentralize mining through fair mining.

O2O Advertising Marketing Smart QR Code: O2O advertisers can use SQC, which is made by encoding the TouchCon into the Smart QR code, for innovative products and services. This is new advertising marketing tool that encodes a cryptocurrency rewarding method to existing QR code, and it has evolved into a new rewarding method that goes beyond conventional mileage or points or cash back reward that does not change the essence value.

Mining through the TouchCon platform and expansion of the Airdrop: While the initial platform supports the TouchCon cryptocurrency, in the second round of development, comprehensive Mining of other altcoins and Airdrops can be extended to perform in O2O environment. This allows all cryptocurrencies to be provided with transparency, reliability, and a motif that can be achieved through decentralization.

SQC & User DB Matching Big Data: As users who are seeking random reward through the TouchCon platform are increasing, it is possible to acquire a DB that can grasp their consumption trend. By matching SQC information with User data and collecting and extracting it on the basis of Blockchain, various Big Data analysis becomes possible. The third round of development will not only expand the cryptocurrency ecosystem, but also act as a catalyst to fuse the cryptocurrency with the real world.

The Touchcon is 10 times the volume of light coin (84 million) and the total issue volume is 840 million. The Touchcon specifies the realistic purpose of payment and remittance in the O2O market and the total issue volume for the world population of 7.5 billion by 2018. The issue volume is classified and used as follows.

[TouchCon Distribution Economy]   

*Max Supply: 840,000,000

1. Smart QR Code Airdrop (11.90%, 10 years ) : 100,000,000

2. ICO (Private & Presale, 8.63%) : 72,513,225

3. Global Business (1.0%) : 8,400,000

4. Development Team (1.19%, LockUp for 2 years) : 10,000,000

5. Foundation & Capital Reserve (4.81%, LockUp for 2 years) : 40,400,000

6. PoW mining (10%, 30 years) : 84,000,000

7. Coin Burn(62.46%, for community) : 524,686,775

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