The TouchCon is an advertising reward platform that scans the Smart QR Code (SQC) to be used for advertisement of goods and services, and connects the user who wants to receive the cryptocurrency and the advertiser who needs the information data of such users (customers).  

 The Ad Marketing Reward Program (AMRP) is a powerful ecosystem rewards program that feeds SQC proceeds sold to TAA advertisers back to the TouchCon community. AMRP distributes the total proceeds divided into four areas. Each year, the Exchange purchases TouchCon and distributes them to each holder wallet. This will increase the value of the TouchCon.

First, our platform is expressed like this.

"Cryptocurrency, Just Touch It!"

Currently, the cryptocurrency ecosystem has a tendency to concentrate on the development and implementation of complex functions centering on blockchain technology. Of course, technology should be a priority, but the problem is that we should not ignore the reality we live in. Cryptocurrency must be recognized by the real world, and at that point technology can eventually be recognized. Therefore, marketing to the real world is becoming more important than ever.

The TouchCon platform is a platform that focuses on advertisement marketing so that it can create mutual transparency and reliability by connecting cryptocurrency to the real world. By deepening mutual trust and intimacy through this, the real world will be able to accept an environment where cryptocurrency is utilized.

It is the essence of the Touchcon platform that makes the cryptocurrency ecosystem, represented by difficult technologies and programming, the eco-friendly ecosystem that can interact with various commercials and fun in the real world. We want to connect the future technology of the humanity and reality in a fused and peaceful way through the blockchain and analyzes the advertising tendency of nodes. So we focus on advertisement marketing with this catch phrase.

TAA stands for “TouchCon Advertiser Alliance”. The TAA is an alliance of companies that use Smart QR Code (SQC) for promoting their products and services. These companies will buy the specific quantity at a discounted price from the TouchCon Foundation every year. A variety of companies from mid-sized companies to small businesses, both online and offline, will participate.

Advertisers who want to join the TAA must submit the online application and they are selected through our strict screening process. When TAA application is received from the same industry or item, it will be selected as a public vote through TouchCon community.

As of March 2019, about 30 companies in Korea, Japan and Indonesia have been applied for TAA, and strict screening process is underway. Among them, 10 companies will have the opportunity to participate in Beta version after August 2019.

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