The TouchCon is an advertising reward platform that scans the Smart QR Code (SQC) to be used for advertisement of goods and services, and connects the user who wants to receive the cryptocurrency and the advertiser who needs the information data of such users (customers).  

TouchCon platform is a digital compensation revolution that improves the weak points of mileage (point) method in existing digital marketing. The value of the cryptocurrency is stored with the special technique of the Smart QR Code and distributed randomly. And, the consumption tendency information of the users including the block transaction can be utilized as Big Data through matching.

It is a project to support mining and various Airdrop by O2O advertisement marketing to solve problems of electric computer mining and global warming. In particular, the value of cryptocurrency is stored randomly, which enhances the interest and fun of mining activities, thereby expanding the ecosystem. In addition, it is a platform that is constructed to provide various big data to advertisers through blockchain analysis that implements purchasing tendency and consumption patterns of nodes through scanning with smart contract technology.

- A block chain technique that randomly stores the value of various cryptocurrency in a two-dimensional code used as payment setting.

-O2O Platform application building technology to apply Smart QR Code to advertisement marketing

- Technology that can store and evaluate node purchasing propensity as Touchcon blockchain big data with smart contract technology

In the first phase of touch cone platform, we support advertisement marketing for touch cone. In step 2, we extract all passwords and air drop through touch cone platform. In addition, in step 3, we match SQC information with User data.

The touch cone platform provides extensibility to perform mining and airdrop on other Altcoins in an O2O environment.

In the first step, the ecosystem is created through self-generated Touchcon, and then operated as a system supporting ecosystem of different cryptocurrency. Touchcon is increasingly playing a very important role in all cryptocurrency ecosystems. In the second stage of the platform, we use a Gas called TOUCH to support all cryptocurrencies.

The TouchCon platform will run the AMRP program, which will sell the QR code that stores the value of the cryptocurrency to the Advertisers' Alliance and return the profits back to the ecosystem environment. Because of ARMP, the Touchcon functions as a utility currency. Please refer to the homepage for details.

We have reorganized the global platform Touchcon with an overseas consulting member. We have appointed the Chairman of the New & Renewable Energy of the Government of Pakistan as a senior consultant to secure future technologies including advancement and review of future renewable energy fields. The recruitment of Sooba Khan, a former Pakistan-based consul in Korea, which has a diverse network, is helping the global expansion of the Touchcon platform.

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