The TouchCon is an advertising reward platform that scans the Smart QR Code (SQC) to be used for advertisement of goods and services, and connects the user who wants to receive the cryptocurrency and the advertiser who needs the information data of such users (customers).  

First, download the "TouchCon" from mobile which is available on Android and iOS. After downloading it, you'll need to get an approval via simple input for your wallet creation and security. Please fill in the order.

-ID (e-mail)



-Cell phone


After registration is complete, you can join the scan mining any time by clicking the Scan button on the TouchCon App main screen.

For more active mining and Airdrop, please visit the Touchcon homepage. All information about mining is available, please refer to the homepage.

TouchCon scans the Smart QR Code obtained from purchasing goods or services from the O2O market and mines the cryptocurrency. This is a popular platform that can be easily used and easily mined and receive Airdrop by anyone because it is closely linked to our life.

In the O2O market, Smart QR Code are printed and used as advertising in representative industries and fields including goods and services. Products and services will be changed once a year. Smart QR Code will be sold only to partners affiliated with TouchCon Advertiser Alliance. The Smart QR Code may be obtained by buying goods or services. For more information, please visit our website.

The value of TouchCon assigned to Smart QR Code is not uniformly assigned. All of the QR code is randomly stored with a variety of different values mixed in. This will cause the Node to be interesting and give you elements like luck. But it does not encourage cheating like lottery tickets.

When you scan the Smart QR Code, randomly stored information is stored in your wallet. Nodes can see the cryptocurrency from their accounts and can use various services such as Payment, Transfer, Exchange and Asset Earning  the TouchCon App.

The TouchCon platform scans the Smart QR Code through the O2O Market, making it easy for anyone to dig and acquire passwords and activate ecosystems through random compensation based on block chains. In the future, all altcoins will be supported through the TouchCon platform, and the proper operation and utilization of the DB that matches the SQC information with the customer will enable the advertiser to perform more efficient O2O advertising.

It is impossible. Only the person who is the true owner of the data can freely access his data. However, the data provided to advertisers as big data in the blockchain is used to understand the purchase and consumer sentiment through the scan, so it is assumed that the agreement has already been obtained with the scan, and it is provided to the advertiser without any special consent.

If the value of the cryptocurrency is stored in the Smart QR Code and scanned, a continuous block connecting the QR Code is created. When someone scans the Smart QR Code, blocks are created consecutively and a scanning block is created. The Touchcon platform is based on the blockchain technology, and the information of the QR code is recorded as a block chain, so the reliability and security are very high.

Because the Touchcon stores information in each individual account, QR Code is in principle unavailable without a mobile device that has a scanning function. However, there is a way to use a device that you can trust with your own information, such as your family. It is possible to accumulate and store or use it because it is managed by a separate account.

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