(News) Newspaper news story about TouchCon application launch

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5 Jun 2019
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Newspaper news story about touchcon application launch.

2019. 06. 03 미주중앙일보


O2O Ad Scan Reward Platform 'TouchCon' Beta Service to be released at the end of this year. 

In the second half of 2019, 'TouchCon', a cryptocurrency platform, will launch a ‘TouchCon QR’ beta service, an Ad scan random reward app based on Blockchain technology.


‘TouchCon QR' Beta service, which runs from August to November, will concentrate on making 'TouchCon' to become a real bridge between O2O Advertisement and QR Code system. 


The TouchCon is a platform for randomly rewarding the cryptocurrency by acquiring and scanning the Smart QR code (SQC) used in the O2O advertisement. The TouchCon will be rewarded directly to the e-wallet as it is stored in the Blockchain not as a form of a traditional points. The rewarded TouchCon can be used to buy goods, remit money, and exchange into cash directly on the app. In short, it is aimed at the platform to implement One-Stop service for its users.


TouchCon is scheduled to be released as an official app "Touch Random Scan" next year after successfully completing Beta service in the second half of this year. In the TouchCon Random Scan, a Big data is created in which individual information and scan information are matched. In addition, service development supporting Airdrop of other cryptocurrencies is also performed.


Moreover, TouchCon has been in the final process of selecting for a total number of about  60 online and offline advertisers wanting to participate in the platform. Initially, small-sized Indonesian companies, including Korea and Japan, are expected to participate. However, this year, TouchCon will be distributed free of charge through the Airdrop so that competition among companies is expected to be very intense.


Junbeom Lee, director of the TouchCon foundation, said, "TouchCon has a tremendous power that can fundamentally change the essence of a cryptocurrency ecosystem. In a sharing economy platform that will be introduced in 2020, the TouchCon will be evolved into the first real cryptocurrency that can be used in the real world." TouchCon will be used in a new concept of sharing economy app, and this will realize the dreams that cryptocurrency should also be valuable in the real world."


Furthermore, TouchCon has been developing the first O2O Ad Scan Random Platform through three domestic and overseas developers. In December last year, TouchCon has developed a total of 840 million coins. Of the 840 million in total, 62.46%(524 million) were incinerated, and the remaining 6%(54 million) of the coins paid to foundations and developers were locked up for two years to increase the transparency and credibility of TouchCon projects. 


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