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Voting proposal TOC-1 : Governance Proposal


Choice. 01      Agree

 17,559,900 TOC, 100%

Choice. 02      Opposite

 000,000,000 TOC, 00.00%

Choice. 03      Abstention

 000,000,000 TOC, 00.00%

Based on the Ethereum blockchain, the C2E platform TouchCon has an ecosystem building process including RS (reward source) content creation, governance, and RAP selection.

Project proposals are voted on on key agendas essential to the growth of the ecosystem.

[Project Proposal Governance Settings: April 2020]

(1) Voting to select RAP Alliance partners in the same industry and industry

(2) Voting on T-Staking Interest Allocation

(3) Voting on 'reward source' encoding target and random quantity

(4) Selective voting on new digital assets for airdrop consignment

(5) Distribution voting for business model profits

The project team conducts a policy vote on the above five proposals to build a sustainable ecosystem. 

We guarantee equal access and fairness of voting to all members of the ecosystem.

Approval of the proposal is confirmed with the participation of 50% of eligible voters 

and the consent of 50% of participants. There is no limit to the minimum number of eligible voters.

[Community Proposal Governance Settings: April 2022]

Voters participate in voting on proposals made by users who make up the TOC community.

- Community voting proposals may be proposed by members with a minimum of 1,000,000 TOC.

- Proposers must disclose a proposal stating its purpose, and can vote for it for a minimum of 10 days and a maximum of 60 days.

TouchCon is currently at the starting point of its first governance. The project team will research and expand new models and designs for decentralization.

Further details on all these plans will be released from time to time.

Please stay tuned.

 This Covernance Proposal was suggested by [   37   ] (Voting Power: 118,800,000)

- Voters represented by TOC wallets are the symbol of voters in TouchCon Governance.

- Your votes have a big impact on the future of the TouchCon ecosystem.

- Use your voting power to vote.

- If each governance proposal does not meet a quorum (50% of valid votes excluding blank votes), 

the proposed governance proposal will be void.

Vote record


DivisionVoterDateVoting powerNote
Agree102022-04-30 14:203,000,000 (0.3030%)

Agree172022-04-30 17:00
1,150,000 (0.1162%)

Agree252022-05-02 09:42
1,000,000 (0.1010%)

Agree262022-05-03 17:32
999,900 (0.1010%)

Agree332022-05-03 22:11
950,000 (0.0960%)

Agree362022-05-04 09:35
920,000 (0.0929%)

Agree402022-05-05 09:51
900,000 (0.0909%)

Agree242022-05-07 13:12
1,000,000 (0.1010%)

Agree222022-05-07 14:45
1,000,000 (0.1010%)

Agree112022-05-08 10:21
3,000,000 (0.3030%)

Agree482022-05-08 19:13
800,000 (0.0808%)

Agree232022-05-09 12:39
1,000,000 (0.1010%)

Agree682022-05-10 15:32
500,000 (0.0505%)

Agree952022-05-10 10:30
200,000 (0.0202%)

Agree982022-05-10 17:22
150,000 (0.0152%)

Agree272022-05-10 21:10
990,000 (0.1000%)

Governance Voting Results

Governance Voting Results


Effective quantity
17,559,900 TOC

Round #1




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